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Why test your home for Mold

​​Mold Testing should be done if you want to determine if mold is growing in your home. 
Mold Testing should be done after any water damage, water intrusion or a leak that has been present for more than 24 hr. 
Mold Testing should be done whenever you smell a musty odor. 
Mold Testing should be done if residents of your home experience a long-term medical condition without a known cause. 
Mold Testing should be done if unusual stains appear on furniture or building material. 
Mold Testing should be done if you suspect mold but do not see any visible mold growth.
Mold testing should be done if you are purchasing a foreclosed or "as is" home. 
Mold testing should be done if you have an unexplained cough or allergy while at home.

You do not have to live in a humid climate for mold growth, though the air outside may not feel warm and humid, the atmosphere between walls, in basements, under sinks, around pipes, and in crawl spaces maybe a perfect home for mold growth.​


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​​​Do I Really Need Clearance Inspection?

The purpose of the Post Remediation Verification 

Testing (PRVT)/Clearanceis to confirm the successful completion of professional mold remediation work allowing containment to be safely removed and any re-build work to commence (if applicable). The mold Inspection (PRVT) assessment requires a complete written report including, laboratory analysis of samples collected, findings and conclusions.​​Complete visual inspection of the work area to ensure that no areas of visible mold growth remain clean and without evidence of settled dust, dirt and debris on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Verification that the indoor fungal ecology within the work area is similar to or less than (cleaner) than outdoor (exterior) results can also be performed to verify successful remediation.



Home Enviro standard residential Mold inspection consists of the following:

  • Visually inspect the property for signs of water intrusion and mold growth.
  • HVAC and air ducts inspection
  • Measure moisture in the air (Humidity)
  • Measure moisture in the walls, ceilings etc. to locate any sources of mold growth
  • Take swab samples of any visible mold 
  • Take air samples in areas of concern (if no visible mold is present). 
  • Comprehensive lab/report results  interpretation findings and conclusions included

​A standard inspection would be two indoor air samples and one outdoor sample. The outdoor sample establishes a reference or baseline for normal mold levels in an area, that are then compared to the indoor samples.

​​How many samples taken during a standard mold inspection? ​

Sampling is based on findings during the inspection there different factors that determine the  location and  how many samples taken during the inspection, as per standard guidelines we are required to collect 1 exterior control sample, 1 interior sample per level and or numbers of AC’s present and one sample in each area that shows visual conditions such as water damage, intrusion and or visual surface mold growth.

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​​InfraRed  ​Thermal Imaging Inspection 

​​​​Home Enviro use this amazing technology as another tool to help evaluate the condition of residential and commercial structures during mold inspection. 

We have had much success in identifying wet or moisture-damaged areas that would have otherwise been completely hidden during a standard visual inspection.

​Water and moisture has an effect on surface temperature and can often be viewed by Infrared Thermal Imaging before the first visible stains ever appear. ​​

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Services: Mold Inspection, Mold Abatement, Mold Assessment, Mold Testing.

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​​​​​​​​​​Mold Inspection

Mold Testing and Consulting

​​Everyone has different reasons to check out this website. If you believe that your home or business has an indoor air quality problem caused by indoor mold growth, the best thing you can do is hire Home Enviro certified mold inspector to evaluate the home. Home Enviro mold inspectors  knows where to look for mold using amazing technology and how to setup a testing protocol that will get you all the information necessary to determine if a problem is present in your home or business.​​ Toxic Mold Testing Services, Indoor air quality testing, Indoor air quality testing and Indoor air quality assessments

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Recommendations and

Mold Removal

Any mold remediation cleanup recommendations be done by a Home Enviro Certified Mold Inspector. 

Mold removal can be more dangerous than having dormant mold in a home. Operation of negative air pressure equipment, hepa filters, gloves and masks should be used during the mold remediation cleanup.

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2 story house up to 2200 sq. ft,

1 AC per floor minimum 3 samples are required
1 story house, up to 1500 sq. ft

1 AC minimum 2 samples are required
1 story house,

2 AC’s on the same floor: minimum 3 samples are required.

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